About We Will Draw Near

We Will Draw Near is an ongoing manga styled work currently spanning over 20 chapters in length. It is licensed by MangaMagazine. It updates one full chapter on the second week of each month.



The hero hailing from the slums of Romae. Until he landed in the Romae Estate and granted the title of Guardian, he protected the run down Farrows District from the demons breaking through the broken city walls. Despite an intense grudge against the prejudiced nobility, he sees his new position as a chance to set things right and free the people of the slums from poverty. He has a fondness for battle, women and oatmeal.


The youngest prince of Romae lead an uneventful life within the walls of the Estate until he was rescued by Desmonde. He has held a great interest in demons since a young age and enjoys spending his free time studying them, much to the dismay of his older brother. Despite his royal standing, he is not in line to inheret the title of Prime Minister, but still hopes to one day be as revered as his father. He is hopeless at sports.


The influential but vain Ambassador of all three nations of Europa. He acts as advisor to the royal houses, and has done so for as long as anyone can remember. He also distributes the finances, most of which appears to go toward funding his expansive collection of boots. He tends to keep quiet about his past, but seems to hold a heavy grudge against Desmonde. Apparently, he has given his age as 25 for the last 10 years.


The cocky prince of Grecia. Despite his youth, he is considered to be one of the greatest swordsmen alive. He holds a self proclaimed rivalry with Claude, despite the fact that chess is the only sport Claude is able to hold his own in. He is betrothed to Claude's sister, Claudia, and will inheret the title of Prime Minister of both Grecia and Pariel after they are wed.


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