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Another Attempt

Hello everyone~! I'm not going to waste time with needless banter. Obviously, I'm trying to be active around here again, especially with my second comic due for release early next month (and a surprise in the works?). It's been a while, WWDN stands at 22 chapters, and I like Smackjeeves.

I can also code layouts a little cleaner, so I've been tidying up the page a bit. Is it noticable? Easier to read? I hope so.

Thanks for sticking with us,

posted by Vervain @ September 24th, 2012, 7:44 am  -  0 comments

Changes and Charms

So, MangaMagazine is undergoing some site changes very soon. The forums are getting revamped too, and both myself and Eve (who is alive by the way) will be around there more~, come say hi if you get the chance~?

In addition to all this, it means that WWDN will be updating quicker. Two pages per week will be up on the site, as well as the entire chapter upload around the 8th of each month. That's a lot of pages, but I'm glad because one of my favorite parts of the story is about to happen, so maybe I'm just a little biased.

Read here! - www.mangamagazine.net/manga/18


Second of all, I'm setting up the code for the shop page as we speak. In the meantime, if you'd like to buy charms, please send a PM to either myself or Eve on here, or mail us at vervain@mangamagazine.net


The Charms are $3.50 each, or all four for $8. With each order, you get a postcard with exclusive art and a personalized letter written by one of the characters. Easiest payment way is through Paypal. The money is going toward funding for attendance at future conventions (specifically mangaNEXT at the moment, I believe), so please support us and earn eternal gratitude @ @~!! Also the charms are shown at about actual size (at least on my screen)

That's all, thank you again for reading!


posted by Vervain @ December 5th, 2011, 6:36 pm  -  1 comments

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